Employment Solutions

Employment Solutions

Program Goal: To increase the personal and economic independence of unemployed and under-employed people by preparing them for stable employment, financial stability and advancement in the labor market.

Progress towards goal:

  • 72% of Jobs NOW! clients become employed at an average wage of $13.78 per hour.

  • 94% of Jobs Now! clients continued to be employed one year after gaining employment.

  • 82% of clients who complete industry-specific training become employed at an average wage of $14.55 per hour.

648 Women & Men Served in 2015

  • 234 clients enrolled in the Jobs NOW! rapid employment program.
  • 284 clients enrolled in Career Development Services to gain access to job-specific industry training.
  • 82 clients enrolled in services to prepare for successful entry into the workforce through the Strengthening Families Program.

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