Rape Crisis and Victim Services

Rape Crisis and Victim Services

Office: 817-927-4039
24-hour Crisis Hotline: 817-927-2737

The Women’s Center Rape Crisis and Victim Services program is one of the most comprehensive and distinguished rape crisis centers in the Southwest. No matter the age or gender, victims of stranger and non-stranger sexual abuse and sexual assault find both hope and help here.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Hotline – Whether someone was assaulted 20 years or 20 minutes ago, she or he can call and get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Victims and/or concerned loved ones can call to speak with a caring, supportive advocate.

In Person Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Services – Available on a walk-in basis 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday at our offices located at 1723 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth.

Rape Exam Support

Rape happens every day, and every day The Women’s Center is there to help survivors. Victim advocates provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week during forensic rape exams at hospitals in Tarrant County, answering questions and serving as the liaison between the survivor, family members, law enforcement and hospital.


The past can never be erased, but survivors can heal from the trauma they have suffered.

Fort Worth and Arlington offices provide individual counseling with masters-level therapists for children and adults (both survivors and family members) who are victims of rape, sexual abuse, and other violent crimes such as abductions, assaults and murdered loved ones.

Support, educational and therapeutic group counseling for survivors usually takes place in the evenings.

Case managers help victims find resources for their immediate needs, such as transportation, housing and applying for Crime Victims’ Compensation.

Criminal Justice Accompaniment

Dealing with the criminal justice system can leave survivors feeling unheard, scared, and challenged. That’s why highly qualified staff members and volunteers work closely with the district attorney’s office to prepare children and adults for court proceedings, and accompany any victim through a variety of criminal justice processes, including interviews, law enforcement procedures and trials.

Sexual Assault Resources

No one has to face sexual assault alone. Here’s where to get additional help:


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