Rape Crisis and Victim Services

Rape Crisis and Victim Services

Program Goal: To help child and adult victims heal from the crippling effects of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and other violence.

Progress towards goal:

  • 95% of clients who complete therapy achieve their treatment goals to heal from the effects of violence.

  • 84% of clients who call the Crisis Hotline reduce their level of crisis.

3,884 Children and Adults Served in 2016

  • 1,833 people called the Rape Crisis and Victim Services Hotline.
  • 132 children, 533 adults and their 587 parents or significant others were counseled at local hospital rape exam sites.
  • 222 abused children, 393 adult victims of sexual assault and other violent crime, and 182 significant others received therapy to overcome the trauma of violence.
  • 104 victims received legal assistance by our in-house attorney.
  • 16 children and adults were accompanied through the criminal justice process.


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