General Counseling

General Counseling

Program Goal: To address immediate crises and to improve the problem solving abilities, emotional well being, and healthy functioning of women, men, children and adolescents in crisis and transition.

Progress towards goal:

  • 100% of older adults who completed the PEARLS program improved their depression evaluation score by at least 50%, with the average improvement rate at 84%.

  • 100% of homeless children & their parents who received case management services resolved barriers and were prepared to transition out of homelessness.

3,511 Children and Adults Served in 2017

  • 2,663 people called the Helpline for crisis counseling and problem solving assistance.
  • 244 people received individual and/or group therapy to improve emotional and behavioral health.
  • 455 homeless children living in shelters received support and resources to help transition out of homelessness.
  • 135 people received legal assistance through the Legal Clinic.
  • 61 older adults received in-home support through the PEARLS Program to reduce isolation and depression.


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