Violence Prevention and Education

Violence Prevention and Education

Program Goal: To prevent and stop sexual assault and child sexual abuse by teaching youth, professionals, and other community members to recognize abusive behavior, and respond appropriately.

Progress towards goal:

  • 86% of children and adolescents who participate in the Play it Safe!® sexual abuse prevention program increased their knowledge of abuse and learned actions to take in order to be safe and get help.

140,289 Children and Adults Served in 2018

  • 140,286 children and adolescents participated in the Play it Safe! child abuse and sexual assault prevention program. As a result, 305 children disclosed their current or past abuse to a Women’s Center trainer (does not include children who may have disclosed to another trusted adult).
  • 5,736 adults received sexual assault prevention training.
  • 2,024 professionals were trained in victimization issues to best help survivors.


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